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#ChewOfTheWeek: Famous Churrascaria Aveirense – Fall River

101 Reasons to Love the SouthCoast

Boy oh boy do I wish I was Portuguese! Luckily for an Irishman like me, while I can’t get authentic Portuguese food at home, I’m surrounded by it! This is especially true in the case of Fall River’s own Famous Churrascaria Aveirense. Normally, you’re supposed to start with the appetizer but just look at that steak & egg! How can we not begin this article with that masterpiece!? The Jr. Steak Plate comes loaded with steamed rice and delicious french fries, but the real prize is this steak! Soaked in Mozambique sauce and topped with red pepper and a fried egg its about as classically Portuguese as it gets! The Jr. Steak cuts like butter and will fill you up for the day, a must get at Famous Churrascaria Aveirense.

Back To Basics

An appetizer of wings, so simple, yet so good! Famous Churrascaria Aveirense’s crispy wings are fried to perfection. We decided to get hot sauce and blue cheese for our dipping sauce and it certainly was the right move! Topped with succulent banana peppers you can’t go wrong with wings as an appetizer. You can get an order of either 6 or 10…but you know you want the 10!

Chicken Mozambique…Fries

You’re heard of Chicken Mozambique, but Chicken Mozambique over fries!? Only at Famous Churrascaria Aveirense! You know its one heck of a french fry order when you need a fork! Technically it is an appetizer but you would be all set ordering this as a full meal. I needed to save room for my main meal so I took half home in a box!

Can’t Go Wrong

If you didn’t get linguica did you even go to a Portuguese restaurant!? I don’t think so! Famous Churrascaria Aveirense’s linguica is a simple yet timeless Portuguese classic. A hearty portion of perfectly grilled linguica stuffed in a freshly baked Portuguese roll will satisfy any appetite. Thankfully I saved room! After taking the picture I decided to drizzle yellow mustard on this sandwich and would highly suggest doing the same! Joined on the plate with a bunch of hot french fries and delicious Portuguese rice you can’t go wrong!

A True Portuguese Barbecue

Famous Churrascaria Aveirense is your one stop shop for all your Portuguese barbecue needs! In addition to what we listed, they also offer ribs, little necks and shrimp. Located on Rodman Street in Fall River it is close by downtown and the highway. But if you’d rather enjoy this delicious food from your living room, we GotChew! Head on over to the GotChew app right now and get some authentic Portuguese cuisine!

By Dan Moriarty