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#ChewOfTheWeek – Faneek’s, Fall River

Coney Island, MA

Want to get the Coney Island experience but can’t make it to New York? Faneek’s has GotChew! Even better, you can experience Coney Island with some Portuguese twists including Chourico topped hot dogs – only on the SouthCoast! Pictured above is our friend Zach marveling at some loaded chili cheese fries. In true chili cheese fry fashion, it started with fingers but had to be finished with forks! Thick french fries marinated in classic cheese sauce and delicious chili, the only bad part was that we didn’t order 2 (or 3, or 4)!

BREAKING: Bigfoot Sighting in Fall River!

Calling all cryptozoologists! There was a Bigfoot sighting in Fall River. In celebration of his appearance Faneek’s has introduced the massive Bigfoot dog. These huge hot dogs can be topped with their special Bigfoot sauce – just as much of a mystery as Sasquatch himself! One thing is for sure, it is absolutely delicious! The sauce is accompanied by classic Coney Island cheese sauce & onions. No wonder Bigfoot came out of hiding, how could he resist a meal this good!?

The Bigfoot Dog

Wing Dings & Onion Rings

Might be the title of my next hip hop single! Joined by sweet and sour dipping sauce I challenge you to name a better combo! Faneek’s classic chicken wing dings are perfectly cooked and fall right off the bone! I would definitely suggest getting a double order as you will miss them when they’re gone! Next up is the onion rings and let me tell you folks – its rare to find onion rings made with a batter this good! This sweet-tasting batter thickly hugs the onion ring and has a crispy outside but a soft doughy inside. My mouth is watering just reminiscing! Pro-tip: Dip your onion rings in sweet and sour sauce.

Much, Much More!

Faneek’s is a classic hot dog spot in Fall River. While what we sampled was delicious, they have so much more to offer that we couldn’t get around to! From beef chow mein and clam chowder to hamburgers and fried scallops Faneek’s has everything you and your friends are looking for! If this post got you in the mood for Faneek’s, don’t worry, we GotChew! Get some delivered right now!

By Dan Moriarty