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#ChewOfTheWeek – Juice’d Cafe, New Bedford

Grand Opening!

This #ChewOfTheWeek is not only a celebration of Juice’d Cafe’s deliciously healthy food, but of the grand opening of their new restaurant right here in New Bedford! Juice’d Cafe is a testament that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a compromise. Serving up pressed juices, smoothies, burritos and fresh fruits, Juice’d Cafe is tasty, guilt free, and your body will thank you for it!

Acai Smoothie Bowl – Classic

There’s a reason this is a hit at Juice’d! The base is made from the berries of the South American Acai tree, strawberries, banana, raspberries and agave nectar all blended together. Its then generously topped with even more blueberries, strawberries, banana and a granola mix! Filling, refreshing, healthy and delicious – What more could you ask for!?

The Zeus Burrito

Zeus was the King of the Gods, and the burrito that carries his name is certainly the king of burritos! This unique burrito wraps up a quinoa blend, hummus, tabbouleh, fresh greens, cucumber, black olives, and feta cheese with a personal favorite of mine: tzatziki dressing! All of this goodness comes packed in a wrap of your choice. I chose spinach but you can also get wheat and habanero!

All Hail The King Kale!

Keeping the king theme going, in addition to the Zeus Burrito we have the King Kale smoothie! It’s one of Juice’d Cafe’s most popular smoothies and one sip will tell you why. This super food smoothie is packed with kale, spinach, pineapple, mango agave nectar and banana! A perfect way to start your day or keep it going! Smoothies come in small (12 oz.) or large (20 oz.) sizes, although you should totally treat yourself and your body with a large!

Healthy? We GotChew!

We’d like to congratulate Juice’d Cafe on opening their second location in New Bedford. Their first location is in Fall River (with another coming soon!) so that means wherever you are on the SouthCoast, if you want a healthy meal from Juice’d, we GotChew! Get it delivered to your home, the beach or even the gym! A big thank you to the owners Lou and Stacey for providing the SouthCoast with these healthy alternatives!

By Dan Moriarty