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Looking to expand your market exposure? Looking to increase your take-out volume? Not sure which third party delivery service to use? Look no further, we GotChew!

All the deliveries, none of the hassle.

Here at GotChew, we pride ourselves in our transparency, accountability, and our devotion to offering high quality service to both our customers and our partners. Partners. You heard that right. Unlike some third party delivery companies which often have no formal partnerships with their restaurants, we here at Gotchew enjoy having a close and friendly relationship with every restaurant we serve.

We’re here.

When restaurants run into an issue with the big guys from Silicon Valley, their calls are either sent to an off-shore call center or they just talk to robots. Not with us. When one of our partners calls headquarters they speak to one of 5 people, and all of us are located in the same office, right in Downtown New Bedford! Our founders and entire staff were all born and raised in the SouthCoast. Because we are so local, we are able to conduct our service with an extraordinary level of care and personal commitment.

We know you’re busy!

At GotChew we know how busy restaurants are. I myself have worked in a few restaurant kitchens and I know that when it rains, it pours. All of our partners have a GotChew tablet or printer, when an order comes in all their employees have to do is put in a ready time that works for them and a driver will show up right on time!

Your Restaurant: Your Rules

Our partners have complete control over their business with the GotChew admin dashboard. With this dashboard they can edit their menu, their hours, prices, finances and more! Run out of something? No worries! You can 86 it in real time from the dashboard. Want to close early for a private event or holiday? Once again, you can do it!

We make it easy, but you’re in control!

Numbers don’t lie!

Since partnering with us, our restaurants have seen their sales go up by anywhere from 5 to 10%. We have partnered with over 80 restuarants on the SouthCoast in our 2 years of operation and now see upwards of 2,700 monthly users. This is all accompanies with our 94% SLA adherence, which means we pick up 94% of our orders within 5 minutes of their ready time.

Costs: Close to nothing!

Some of the big companies charge a 30% commission on every delivery. We on the other hand, charge much less and are very flexible on how that charge is distributed. Other than this we charge a one-time technology fee which allows the us to create your online menu, provide you with your choice of a Wi-Fi GPRS printer or tablet, promotional materials, and run a social media marketing campaign for your business! Aside from those two expenses, its all profit from here on out!

Interested? We want to hear from you!

We can be reached at:
Phone: 774-305-4523

In Brockton? Awesome! We are opening up there in August and are looking for new partners!

By Dan Moriarty