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Beat the Heat with Ice Cream Delivery!

It’s Summer Time!

That means late night bonfires, days at the beach, and most importantly: frozen treats! Last summer we launched ice cream delivery with Dairy Maid in New Bedford and it was a hit! Right away we knew this was going to be a favorite summer time tradition and now it is time for round two. This time we also have Friendly’s in Fall River! What better way to celebrate the end of ice cold weather than with an ice cold sundae!?

Whatcha’ Want?

Whether you’re in the mood for a banana split, a hot fudge sundae, or just a classic ice cream cone, we GotChew! And its not just ice cream folks, we have cookie dough, frappes and yogurt. Not in the mood for sweets? No problem! Friendly’s has an entire hot food menu while Dairy Maid has hot dogs and a SouthCoast classic: Stuffed Quahogs. Dinner and desert!

“Ice Cream Delivery? But I Don’t Like Ice Cream Soup!”

Neither do we! Customer satisfaction is key with us. Using our state of the art insulated bags and a large supply of reusable ice packs, we can assure you that your ice cream will be delivered in *mint* condition! We’ve tested our method to the extreme and found that it allows ice cream to stay in perfect condition for over 45 minutes. Longer than any delivery should take!

Enjoy the Great Outdoors!

Remember, we deliver to your location! You don’t have to be home! It’s summer time and we want you to enjoy it. After a New England winter, you’ve earned it! Whether you’re at a park, a basketball court, or even at the beach, you can still cool off with some delicious ice cream brought right to you!

By Dan Moriarty