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A Look Inside: The Power of Branding!

Usually our blog posts are about the delicious food we deliver. This week however we wanted to touch on something integral to both ours and any business. Branding. In the modern day, branding has never been so diverse. From the classic billboard to Instagram posts, there are seemingly endless avenues to take when advertising your brand.

Trial and Error

Before we get started, we want to make it clear that we are still learning too! We’re not experts, but we are down the line and trust us, we know what its like at the start. That’s why we wanted to write this post, because we know what its like to be in those shoes. Trying to find a cohesive branding theme, and especially a logo can be stressful and daunting. Our current logo was not our first! Not only is it okay to pivot, restart, and change your branding, its natural!

Haha… Yeah… Trial and Error

Establishing a Theme

A crucial aspect of branding is cohesiveness. In addition to having a standard logo across your branding, you want to do the same with colors and fonts. For us, it is our iconic orange, white, green and the occasional purple. By using the same colors and fonts throughout all your marketing, your content can become instantly recognizable. Even if someone doesn’t actually read the ad, they will recognize it’s you based solely off the color scheme. Even better, your customers will think of you when they see those colors throughout their day! Brand recognition is key to successful marketing, once you decide on a logo and color scheme, you’re ready to rock and roll! Once you’re ready, our friends over at Sticker Mule are a great resource to get your physical marketing materials, especially vinyl stickers. Sticker Mule’s products are top-notch and so is their customer service! We use them for all our stuff and couldn’t suggest it more.

stickermule stickers for branding and marketing by gotchew
Shout out to our friends at Sticker Mule for these awesome products!

Short. Sweet. To the Point.

Whether you’re running a business or a political campaign, catchphrases and slogans are just as important as your visual marketing. We believe having three is a great middle ground. Having three allows you to mix it up a bit while still remaining cohesive in your marketing approach. For us, our three consist of “Hungry? We GotChew!” – “The app to satisfy your appetite” – and – “the southcoast’s most trusted delivery service!”

A Healthy Balance

In today’s hyper-digital world it may seem archaic to use physical marketing products like billboards or stickers, but the reality is some things never change and that includes the effectiveness of real-world marketing. Stickers are powerful because they can go anywhere and everywhere. They travel around on people’s laptops and bumper stickers acting like little marketing agents, constantly showing up in front of new people in new places. Billboards, while sedentary, when placed in the right spots are very strategic. We’ll use our billboard on 140 south for an example: being a food delivery company, getting our logo right in front of our customers on their last leg of rush hour traffic is perfect! What’s the first thing you want to do after a long day of working and commuting? Eat!

GotChew billboard branding and marketing

By Dan Moriarty