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Word on the Street: What it’s like to drive for GotChew

Our readers may know me as the #ChewOfTheWeek author, and while I do content writing for GotChew, I am also a delivery driver. With all the recent news about angry Uber-Eats drivers and disappointed DoorDashers, I wanted to share my experience as a GotChew driver. An experience which paints a very different, and much more satisfied picture.

“Less of a contractor, more of a teammate “

It seems to me that in the eyes of monolithic tech companies like Uber, their independent contractors are just numbers, like disposable worker ants. This can be seen in the fact they don’t even guarantee a minimum wage. Although with GotChew, that is not how I feel, I feel part of a community.

“The extra mile”

The first sign off the bat that GotChew consciously tries to be as ethical as possible is in the fact they have a guaranteed hourly rate. Even if it is dead for your whole shift, you are still paid out a minimum for the shift! They didn’t have to go this extra step, none of the competition does. Plus when they started, Uber-Eats and DoorDash weren’t even in New Bedford, so they had no reason to guarantee a wage outside the fact they wanted to, because it’s the right thing to do. (That being said, 90% of the time you are making far more than minimum, I once had a shift that equaled out to $27 per hour for me!)

“Work hard, play hard”

Secondly, the guys at HQ have hosted events for all their drivers like bowling nights. I would like to see the day the CEO of Uber goes bowling with his contractors. It is a very holistic feeling to have fun with your “bosses” like that. As a driver, we are all on this app called Deputy, basically it is the medium for how we pick shifts and communicate internally. GotChew regularly posts about how much they appreciate their drivers and are always congratulating us when milestones are hit. It may seem small, but it is very nice. What’s important to note too is that these updates are organic in their general tone and wording, you can feel the appreciation and excitement in the posts! There is nothing corporate or artificial about it.

“HQ has GotChew!”

Third, when there is a hiccup while you’re driving. The guys are very responsive and helpful. When you reach out about an issue, (which rarely happens) you are not redirected to a call center or spoken to by a robot. They personally respond and take whatever action is necessary to resolve the issue!

“It isn’t work if you like it!”

I mean really, as a college student who likes driving can you think of a better job!? I used to cruise around for fun because it was relaxing to me, now I get paid to do it! It still blows my mind every shift that I am getting paid, usually above minimum wage, to cruise around. It is far more enjoyable than being behind a counter or in an office. I can play my own music or listen to podcasts and audio-books. When I do the latter, I am basically getting paid to learn! Take that college!

“Work your way”

Along with the pleasant experience in my car, being out and about is just really cool and time flies by. I’m always moving around our locality, getting a new appreciation for how alive the cities are and the quaintness of the sticks. I constantly see awesome sunsets from different vantage points, landmarks, cool cars, and the random happenings of any city. Especially after spending a week caged in the library on campus, the liveliness and movement of the real world is refreshing.

“Say Wassup!”

Perhaps the best part of the on the job experience is on the social side. All the staff at the restaurants are super charming and always greet you with a smile on their face! Whether chatting with a hostess, a customer waiting for a table, or another GotChew driver, if you’re talkative, this is the job for you. And if you’re not talkative, its not a requirement! But as someone who likes to meet new people, I always catch myself having small talk throughout my shift and it is one of my favorite parts. Another aspect of the social side comes with the actual delivery, you’re always greeted by someone who is hungry and happy to see you. Sometimes they have cute dogs or adorable kids that answer the door with them, always a bonus!

“Small Business”

I would say this is the best part about GotChew overall: They’re local! GotChew was homegrown by three young New Bedford natives: Justin, Will & Ryan. They went through the EforAll SouthCoast Business Accelerator Cohort two years ago, and are now a pillar of New Bedford’s innovation economy. GotChew is as far as you can get from a multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley tech company like Uber.

“Building a network”

It doesn’t stop there either, almost if not all of the restaurants we serve are locally owned. GotChew bases its profit model on helping SouthCoast restaurants. That’s a great feeling. Not only is GotChew locally based, but they are a mechanism to raise our local small business economy overall! That alone is enough to make me very proud to work for this company instead of the competition.

Oh yeah… you chose your own hours too!

After a shift I like to sit by the fireplace and look back at how much money I made!

By Dan Moriarty