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#ChewOfTheWeek – Lean Green Stir-Fry with Tempeh – Plan It Eats, Dartmouth

Calling All Vegans!

Boy do we have something for you! As someone who has tried in the past to be vegan, I know how hard it can be sometimes to find something on a menu in this meat and dairy filled world. But fear no more because Plan It Eats has you covered whether you’re in New Bedford or Fall River!

Who Said Being Healthy is a Compromise?

We certainly didn’t, and neither did Plan It Eats! In fact, they said quite the opposite! Their menu offers a bunch of healthy dishes that are both hearty and delicious. Their lean green stir-fry with tempeh is a superfood masterpiece. Packed with broccoli, bok shoy, kale, brussel sprouts, protein and celery sauteed and tossed in coconut oil, ginger, garilic and liquid aminos and topped with tempeh, both your taste buds and the rest of your body will thank you!

Dear Vegans, Want this Delivered to Your Door? We #GotChew!

By Dan Moriarty