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Introducing Convenience Store Delivery!

Who said we were going to stop at restaurants!?

We are very excited to announce our expansion into convenience store deliveries! Starting today you can order an assortment of goods from PetroMart if you are in New Bedford. If you are in Fall River, you can order from PhilaDeli. Whether you’re not hungry enough for a full meal and just want some munchies, or quickly need household goods, we GotChew!

Forgot something? We GotChew!

It has happened to all of us: we head to the grocery store, spend an hour there, think we purchased everything we need and head home. Then walking in the door it hits us, we realized we forgot something and have to drive all the way back for one thing! The worst! But now we got your back! Not only do we save you time and effort by bringing the convenience store to you, but since our drivers are already out cruising around, by saving you the trip and letting you keep your car off the road, we all work together to lower our carbon footprint!

Whatcha Need!?

Snacks? Household items? Baking supplies? We GotChew! We have everything ranging from steak sauce and maple syrup, baking sugar and pancake mix, chips and candy, medicine and personal care products to paper towels and aluminum foil! This easier for you, and it allows you to shop online while still helping your local businesses!

Just open up the GotChew app and tab over to market to browse our new convenience store selection!

By Dan Moriarty