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Introducing Arthur: A Smarter Way to Deliver

By Dan Moriarty –
Exciting news! Our Chief Data Officer, Kevin Maillet has been hard at work the last three months and has created something really special. Kevin is a proud New Bedford native who used to work for Bank of America but resigned recently to help foster and promote mart New Bedford based companies, including GotChew. We are very happy and proud to announce on behalf of Kevin that we tested our first artificially intelligent dispatch system, created by Kevin.

It surpassed all expectations, a resounding success! Not only did it work perfectly, within the first three routes it actually assigned a route with which our human dispatcher disagreed with. We decided to let it play out and it turns out the A.I. was not only correct, but the other assignment would have missed SLA (Service Level Agreement)! This is a huge step for GotChew as it will allow us to be able to efficiently handle more volume, which means we can perform more deliveries, more efficiently! Not only does this translate into a better service towards both our customers and our restaurants, but a lower carbon footprint by our drivers! There is much more to come!

Kevin:First and foremost, I want to thank my wife for her support for the last three months while embarking on this entrepreneurial journey. Without her support, I would not be able to accomplish the things that I do.